Sunday, 31 October 2010

Friday inty's, Saturday Bomber's

Friday 29th
Log on in the hope for a fleet but there's nothing doing so I logon my alt  and move some gear around for awhile.  Eventually an fc steps up calling for nano hac's but after 20 minutes or so most of the guys have turned up in interceptors so we head out on a inty roam instead.  We head down to R3-K7K, scout jumps in and has a look around, he finds a lone Polaris syndicate vagabond on the n8xa-l gate (obviously bait) but he goes in for tackle and gets red boxed.  We all jump in and warp, as we start to land our scout has to jump out and the vaga is now 25 off the gate but we easily get retackle.  We start to pound and get him to armour as his gang mates warp in, a bunch of hac's and recon's so we GTFO.  We did lose a Stiletto and a Sabre so not the best of starts. 
We hang around in R3 whilst the 2 guys re-ship, we move to T-RPFU then on to HED-GP, our scout jumps in and heads to the KEBERZ gate expecting a camp and we are not disappointed.  We all jump in and head to KEB gate, our scout/tackler Pops just before we land and the camp scatters before we can get any points.  I try to chase down a crow that seamed to warp to the sun but he safed.  We camp HED for a while until our sabre pilot reships, we head to curse but only venture in 2 or 3 jumps before we decide to move back to catch.  As we move around we nearly snag a cynabal but just manage to get away, we give chase but don't manage to pin him down.  We do snag a Manticore in 36N-HZ.  People are starting to get tired by this time and its decided to head home, we offer to escort a campmate who is in a BS back to our staging area, that goes without a hitch and fleet disbands.  All in all not the best 3 losses to 1 kill but hey things can only get better can't they. 

Saturday 30th
 There was a bomber op scheduled for 20:30et so I make my way to amarr an hr or so before hand  for the ship and fittings I needed.  Isn't it always the way, no matter how much you plan you always forget something.  I got the hound back to mista then turned around back to amarr, how I didn't notice I hadn't fit the damn thing I will never know but its only 6 jumps, it could have been worse.  I then afk for awhile, the wife bought Fable 3 so I ninja'd a go for and hr, its a nice looking game, I miss the Bow, it seems to be all rifles and pistols for ranged weapons. 
I jump back on eve to find nothing going on so I sit around and wait and wait and wait.  I'm not sure why the op didn't happen, maybe the Fc getting all emo on the forums about something.  I start talking to some guys on TS and we decide to join up with one of our corpmates who is solo camping a gate in curse, he has a drag bubble all set up so we all jump in something that can cloak.  I get in the hound that's caused me so much hassle and we burn down to 8G-MQV, 23 jumps.  Nothing to report on the trip down, we do have to slowly make our way though a gate camp in Doril but we all went 1 at a time so that we didn't de-cloak each other as we slow boated  to the gate.  We all made it no problem and the last few jumps were uneventful.
  We all jumped in to the target system and spread our selves out around the bubble and cloaked, what happened next was a lot of chatting on TS ( I didn't realise so many GEEKS played EvE :p) and us just having a laugh.  We had been there for quite some time and there were a few BC and Hac gangs moving around but we stayed cloaked until they moved on.  Finally we snag a  Atron who got caught in our bubble, a few of the guys had to go so they made there way home, I do feel bad for my corp mate and friend Sable who lost his hound to a saber on his way.  To rub salt in his wounds if he had stayed for a few minutes longer he would have been on this proteus   kill mail, which kinda made my day.  We hang around missing a fair few targets but you can't have it all your own way, we get a caracal who jumps in to us.  At some point we lose another Hound to a camp in doril. I decide to call it for the night and log off in system.  I make my way home just after DT on Sunday, doril is still camped and as I jump in I see a jaguar just off the gate.  I hold cloak, my spidy senses tingling, and low and behold a saber de-cloaks and drops a bubble.  Ha, you going to have to do better than that, I align and  pulse my MWD/cloak.  Luckily I was near the edge of the bubble so I warp to safety, I then made my way home.  All together happy, I got on a few km's and my ship is still intact, this is the sort of thing I love and hope we can do more of the same.


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