Monday, 1 November 2010

Don't touch my Drake!

Just lately I've been hearing about the Drake and how a lot of people are saying it needs a nerf how ridiculous if theses people played eve a bit more rather than bitching about things on the forums maybe just maybe brain cells would be used to figure out a counter.
 Now im not saying that nothing in Eve should ever be nerfed  because that's not true there are for what ever reason some things do. Ever since I started to fly the drake all I here is the drake is crap and it cant pvp, well some bright spark changed all of that bye thinking outside of the box and trying something new,  it worked congrats is all I can say im still not sure what the problem is.
 What makes this game so brilliant is the fact every ship has a counter and there's no win button. To prove this here is a video (in my opinion one of the best eve videos out there) of the Initiative using  there INITIATIVE to counter the drake blob.
Now to those who did the bitching STOP! and go play the game.

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