Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gang down

I logged in, there was an op about to start. FC was calling for cloakies, mainly rapiers, but anything that can warp cloaked was accepted so I made the short trip to amarr to buy a new manticore and the relevant fittings, got it all together and made my way back dodging a few WT's along the way (lets face it, it's not hard in a bomber).

I get back just as the fleet is moving out, destination was set to ay-241 in provi. On the way we find a 5/6 man BC gate camp but they don't want to play with us so we carry on. As we reach ay-241 scout reports a drake gang ahead so we give chase all the way down to ul-718 but we get fed up so a new destination goes in fleet chat g7aq. We head off passing a few blues on the way, at one point our fc gets a convo about joining forces with a nearby blue gang but nothing comes of it so we change course once again, this time heading into catch.

As we make our way there towards D-G we hear reports of a large IT gang around and as we warp to f9e-kx scout reports them holding at zero on our out gate so we all bail and cloak as they jump in. We start playing with a Loki vaga and a few ceptors but it was always going to end in tears as we lose a Hound to miscommunication. I'm not sure why he didn't jump through tbh but meh, by this time we have an init gang on our ass so we burn for a few jumps until we get to the 36n-hz gate in 9koe-a. At this point I'm a bit WTF is going on, fc calls for everyone to jump and hold cloak, his intention is to catch one of the init interceptors before the rest of the gang arrives, trouble is they're right behind and the hostiles jump in to us. Down goes our Tengu one of our Rapiers and a Falcon I Gtfo as they try to lock me up, somehow we lose another in Rapier in u-gvwd. I'm not sure how that went down tbh.

All in all a disappointing roam. I'm not sure why we stopped for the inty but that's just the way the cookie crumbles, on the plus side two of our guys did kill a Rifter :) 800mil+ losses for a 3 mil with fitting kill, isn't Eve great.

Still had fun, I love roams just wish there were more going on in my play time.


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