Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Slow week, Died fast

Over last weekend the alliance has had 2 new corps join us to bolster our numbers and we have been ordered to move our assets to new high/low sec staging areas ready for a new campaign. Things have been very quiet in the MC for the last few weeks, the leadership for what ever reason seemed largely absent (no doubt working hard in the background) and with the lack of action a lot of my Corp and much of the alliance stopped logging in, but, things are picking up with the news of the coming pew pew so all i can say is roll on next weekend.

After moving my gear (I love the orca, what a great ship, all my small stuff moved down in 1hit) only 1 BC had to be flown manually. I could have got it jumped down but I wanted to change one of the rigs and I would be passing amarr so that worked out well. Anyway after refitting a few of my ships I decided to have a look around, Tama was close and I had heard there was pew to be found there so set coarse in a rifter. I jumped in there was a small gate camp, nothing I was worried about, I had a look around system and decided warp to the top belt witch had a malediction on scan. I was gearing up for a fight, I really do have a go at anything in my rifter. I land and head straight for him, as I start getting close he warps off. Cursing my luck I hit warp to an off grid ss and nothing happened , then I switch my overview, the pesky ratu have me scrambled. OK, no problem I was thinking , just as I destroy the first rat the malediction comes back at range. I quickly kill the second rat and align out only to be scrammed and webbed bye a rapier
that had de-cloaked. Oops I'm screwed, Down I go. I get my pod out with ease, so ok not a good start. I reship into a stabber and return some time later to the same belt, there's a claw interceptor in with me so I light him up, my first volley stripped half his shields and the second nearly takes him into armour but not quite. The trouble is, I was hoping to pop him with the first 2/3 shots as he was burning away with no transversal, but I didn't and he was now out of range, so my point drops but I decide to stick around. A few seconds later he starts burning for me once again only this time he points me, I overheat everything in the hope he would pop but his buddy in a vagabond arrives and I go Bang(not as fast as i was expecting I must say), having burned out my mwd and guns. I return home a little unhappy but that's Eve, I'm having a bad week tbh, after the rifter and stabber I also lost a Crow and a Stiletto during a roam, stupid losses, I was not happy about it but can only blame myself.

Sorry it's been nearly a week since my last post but as I said things have been very slow and largely uninteresting hopefully there will be more posts next week maybe even some where I acutely kill something. Wish me luck


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