Thursday, 4 November 2010


Yes! I can finally fly a vagabond, I know what you might be thinking, so what! Well it's one of my long term goals reached, when I started out in Eve I wasn't interested in pvp and that came back to haunt me as my skills were so spread out from mining to trading to mission running.

About 10 months ago I decided to try and address the problem, I made a plan to cross train my skills to minmatar but this time do it properly. Starting at frigates and getting the skills to fly a rifter well, I then trained for interceptors and Assault frigs, after that I move up to Cruisers and Battle Cruiser's. I also trained for interdictors at some point during all of this.

Battleships just don't interest me what so ever and my plan was to stop at Hac's, but I have decided to train for a rapier as an extra and this will be as far as I go for sub caps for the time being.

Once I can fly them all well I will be making the jump to a carrier for logistical purposes only as I don't have the isk or the desire to use one in combat, yes some might see this as a waste but I can't find any other option to jump ships around (yes I'm aware that jump freighters can but the expense is far to great and the rorqual as far as I know can only fit mining barges and industrials in it's ship maintenance bay ). So a nidhoggur as far as I can see is the best option for moving cargo and rigged ships in and out of 0.0 and low sec. For any high sec hauling I have an alt that can fly an Orca so I should have all my bases covered.

It is a nice feeling logging on knowing I can join most fleets with the ship type that's being asked for (bar bs fleets but that's why I trained for a dictor so I can still be useful ).

After all of this my favourite ship to fly is jag or stabber, it's just a shame there seams to be alot of snobbery and elitism in my alliance when it come to ship types wanted for ops, there's nothing wrong with wanting the best possible ships for the job but sometimes I just want to have fun and flying a cheap t1 with t2 fit cruiser it is all that's needed for me to have a blast, and if I lose it the kill board doesn't suffer for it.

I must admit I am missing my old Corp/Alliance Ushra'Khan and the small gang stuff that we used to do but the MC is a different kind of alliance so theres bound to be growing pains as I try to settle in one thing I will say the next contract can't come soon enough it's soooo boring at the min. I want pew pew so if your anywhere near kharam/mista area and fancy a frig or crusier fight hit me up in game I'm allways around 18:00et onwards most week nights I won't bite would be nice to see some blinky blink in my chat channels for a change :p



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